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  1. Well, when I was looking for the snapshot of this week, I saw some news about MineCon. Does anyone knows more about this, and yes! It was in Europe! Where I live, now hope that it is the Netherlands! :D, than I am defenetly going to there!
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  2. on the mojang website that was Minecon from 2011. All I know is that minecon might be closer to Notch's homeland so to speak so you might have to travel to another country :p
  3. :(, but it is saying:

    So yeah, say nothing about the date! :D
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  4. I follow them on twitter so.. just saying :3
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  5. Ugh, I wish I got to go to Minecon 2011. I was actually in Las Vegas a week or two after it. There's not a lot I wouldn't do to get a Minecon 2012 ticket (and free airfare!). :p
  6. Ughhh I want to go to minecon soooo bad...
  7. omfg!! I'm going to DC this Summer!! I think its in the Smithsonian I'm going to totally go see it!
  8. Notch home place (and Minecraft's) is sweden! i live in norway CLOSE to sweden but is it going to be in sweden depens about where it gona be or in norway i gona go there!!!
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  9. Me too!
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  10. Any news about this?
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