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  1. I'm guessing most of you have heard of geocaching. Geocaching is this thing where you put coordinates into your phone, and go to that exact spot, where there's a container of some kind with some little trinkets in it. You would trade stuff you brought for some of the stuff in the container, and maybe sign a book to let others know you'd been there. Minecaching is basically the same thing, except in Minecraft.

    The Rules:
    • Take only one item/stack of items per item/stack of items that you put in.
    • Do not remove the chest. Only authorized players are allowed to remove chests.
    • Do not put any inapropriate items in the chest.
    • Do not put worthless items in the chest. This includes things such as dirt, cobblestone, seeds, and stone. These items are not anywhere near the value of the other items in the chest, as everyone has way to much of them. If someone put a diamond in the chest, and you traded it for a stack of dirt, it just makes everyone unhappy. Try to make fair trades, please.
    • If you would like to add a location to the list, please PM me about it. Do not post on this thread.
    • The First Chest - Server: SMP7, Outpost: Wild C, Coordinates: 224, 64, -638.
    Anyone who would like to add a minecaching chest, just PM me! The only requirements are that your chest is at least 300 blocks from any EMC protected outpost, and 500 blocks from any player-made outposts. It also must be in the frontier. This is to provide something of a challenge to those who find the chest, and to prevent greifing.

    Happy Minechaching! ;)
  2. This sounds like a great idea!
  3. Yeah wow, this is a great idea! Hopefully people aren't stinkers and keep this fun :)
  4. That's a great idea! What I thought might be better is to have a book & quill at each location. Then, if people want to, they can leave their name in it, or a comment, or something like that. It would take up less space in the long run, and would be more convenient.
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  5. That is quite a cool idea! Now let's hope it works out, and people finding them actually know what to do with them instead of leaving them alone or messing it up.
    Do you include instructions with the chests? Perhaps have a sign linking to this thread, or a sign indicating there's a book in the chest that explains it.
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  6. I will have a message sign linking to the thread. Good suggestion!
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  7. hey i love this idea but there is 1 problem i am at the guards and there is no chest
  8. I meant SMP7, not SMP5. Sorry about that! Fixed!
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  9. Found the chest! :) Nice message with pressure plate, great idea! Thanks for setting it up.
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  10. this is totally awesome!! ^.^

    imma tell shelly about it and were gonna 2 look 4 this one. right now!!!

    ill be sure 2 bring something nice 4 trade (and force shelly 2 do the same) ^.^
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  11. So I'm going to blatantly do a wee bit of advertising I suppose, but bumping the thread at the same time and I think you might also like that.

    Aya and me took on the Minecaching challenge and we had a great time! This is such an awesome idea Eve, we're definitely planning on placing our own chest on SMP2 (and probably SMP4) somewhere, and as soon as we set it up we'll let you know.

    In fact... I like this so much that I couldn't resist and build a small story out of it. No spoilers, no nothing, but just a fun story about some of the things which happened when we were looking for the chest.

    We found it (obviously) and also did some trading. Aya got a donkey out of it (she always wanted one, and since we found one in the chest it seemed like the perfect thing) and I took a nametag. Of course we left goodies as well! I dumped a few emerald blocks in it (reordered the chest a bit as well) and Aya brought some ore blocks along and we also left a signed book in which we both shared our support for this wonderful idea!

    Of course we also added our comment in the book & quill.

    This is really an awesome idea, and we had a lot of fun!
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  12. This is a really cool idea. :D
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  13. Awesome, Shell! I'd be happy for you to put some more chests up. Do be sure to let me know where they are though, so I can add a pressure plate and add it to the thread. :)
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