Meanwhile, on SMP7...

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  1. Haha!, thats totally Photoshopped. Happy April Fools!
  2. ...I was there man...I was there!! totally happened!... ...and a gianT! ;)
  3. Lol April Fools
  4. it's going on right now, mein -- get your A** to 7! RES 14162 :D
  5. And then there were two:
  6. If you weren't banned and could get on the servers, you'd know there really is mobs running around on the smps.
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  7. Is he seriously banned again?
  8. Im not banned, I'm there, seeing giant zombies, enderman, and sprinting creepers.
  9. Oh phew.
  10. Group Hug <3
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  11. How do you insert pictures?I got alot ..Including Enderdragon,Ghast and Giant showdown
  12. Yes, this actually happened! It was totally crazy. Mobs could place blocks and drop items. Oh my god. FOR REALS.
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  13. REALLY guys omg this needs to go poor Pandaseatramen got his res filled with lava and half destroyed >:< and smp7 is screwew and i cannot get on (dosent even give me a message)
  14. Copher.Still awesome :D
  15. LOL.
    Meanwile at staff chat: HAHAHAHA lol! look at their faces
    we are so boss!
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