Me too, Aikar, me too..

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  1. So I am not the best at these introduce yourself type of things.. I'll give it a shot though.
    I'm twenty-one years old. My hobbies include playing video games, reading, drawing, singing, dancing, and a nice walk around the house for that much needed breath of fresh air.
    I'm a pretty easy going person, I have many likes.. Ice cream, chocolate.. Well, candy over all, but who doesn't like candy? My favorite color is green, second is purple.. Third is black. fourth would have to be red. My favorite kind of tree is a birch tree, because growing up as a child, we had this cool birch tree that I built a tree house in.
    I like to think I am a nice person. If someone wants help with something, I'll normally come along and see what is going wrong, and try to fix it. That doesn't mean ask me for help with anything dealing in Redstone. I can't work even the simplest Redstone contraptions, haha.
    I mainly reside on smp5, but that may change, and I might establish a base within a second server.. *Evil laugh.*
    But uh, I'm a new Mod. If I missed anything, feel free to say, and I'll fill in any details I left out. ^_^
  2. Oh god! Another annoying colour person >.<

    But... Congratulations on moderator :)
  3. Congratulations! Also, what's up with the title.
  4. Oh, he posted "I normally skip these." Haha.
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  5. I skipped it completely myself. I'm not really big on starting new threads. Besides, by the time it even occurred to me to introduce myself I had already annoyed people on the forums quite enough.

    Anyway, it's great to have you onboard both as a member and as a moderator!
  6. Hah, thanks Edmund. =]
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  7. Welcome once again! :)
  8. Thank you. I feel very warm and fuzzy from all these welcomes!
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  9. i liked the purple font :)
  10. Happy late welcome!
  11. Welcome Maxarias!