Me is building me a PC

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  1. Well hello there!
    I have been wanting to do this for...
    A long time! Why not now! Here is the things it will include... I am open to suggestions on buying and what to get instead :)(My budget is $1300 NZD (1000 USD))
    AMD FX6100 Bulldozer (CPU) (3.6 GHz) (Buying here)
    GIGABYTE GA-990FXA-D3 AMD 990FX SB950 AM3+ DDR3 PCI-E (Buying here)
    EVGA NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX660 (GPU) (Buying here)
    Mushkin Blackline Frostbyte 8GB (RAM) (2x4GB DRR3-1600) (Buying here)
    LG CH12LS28 12X BLU-RAY COMBO (Optical drive) (Buying here)

    I'm not to sure about the rest yet but you guys can help :)
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  2. Is there possibly another site where you could buy the videocard? Their prices seem high:/
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  3. Its NZ... comptuer lounge is their version of New Egg... its really the best shop for them. Keep in mind that it will be in NZD, which is slightly less than the USD. Making things seem more expensive by looks. But remember, eveyrything would receive an average 30 cents to every dollar mark up just in exchange. Then you have to talk about these things being shipped to NZ as most of it is not made there, increasing their value that much more. It is expensive in the end. But, like I said, Computer Lounge is really the best place for NZ buyers.
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  4. get a 4300 instead of a 4100, But apart from that. Good system
  5. I knew it was in NZD, but i didnt know that their "currency symbol" was the same as ours! Thats what threw me off:rolleyes: But, i was shocked at their videocard prices, everything else seemed fine.
    ^^^This is $599.99 in the U.S.
    ^^^The same card is $748.79, in U.S. dollars.
    I was like O.O I was think that maybe ebay could be an alternative for the videocard, but i dont know anything about how easy that would be for him.
  6. That video card is actually, after exchange rate, around 20 dollars cheaper than its new egg counter part. :p
  7. ojijlklmoo.PNG
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  9. It needs a 690!! jk jk :3
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  10. I added a mother board that will likely change but meh it is still progress :)
    SO any thoughts or recommendations on the motherboard are appreciated :)
  11. Can anyone recomend a video card?
    Lol I just don't want to spend money on an expensive one that is awful :)
  12. I would get a GTX 660, or a AMD Radeon 7950. It seems that the AMD 7950 is pretty expensive. The GTX 660 is cheaper, but less overclock room (from what i have heard). With the 7950, i have heard that it can be successfully overclocked to be more powerful than a stock 7970. It will easily play BF3. I would look up benchmark graphs for several newer cards, and then look up reputable brands. If i were to pick a brand, i would go with MSI or Gigabyte.
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  13. For the Gtx I think I'd go with EVGA or gigabyte.
    I think the video card will be the last thing I buy because that is something a PC can run without...
  14. True. Plus, if the card you really want is $40 above your budget, its totally worth the wait to get what you really want. Plus, after you get the case, you will be able to see how much room you actually have. Make sure to get a case that has a good amount of length to it.
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  15. I put in a case...
  16. hmm run without but VERY badly I mean it will run like what MC at 20FPS, but anyway are you still looking for an Am3+ Board, if so for mild gaming an MSI 970A g46 AM3+ (and this can support many different Pci slots so you'll never need to upgrade it)will do the job just fine! but seriously you should get a GPU because you will die playing games without one.
  17. Oh that one looks good. Should be able to handle most graphics card lengths. Its a nightmare when your card almost doesnt fit O.O
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  18. I have a question...
    If I buy a component from newegg in the U.S. would it work with NZ components?
    And would it mess with the optical drive? (Because they are zone locked)
  19. Please, i repeat, PLEASE speak correctly. It gets my panties in a bunch (sorry).
  20. MAHAHAHAHAHA the attack of bad grammass! lol and sorry if I got any words wrong but where I live thats just the way they are spelt.