MC Wiki, Virus?

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  1. Hi EMC

    I went to check something on the MC Wiki and Google Chrome says something isn't right with the website and it may have a virus. Anyone else getting this?
  2. i just checked and i got it too. something must be up on their end

  3. Thats what comes up
  4. This comes up on too..
  5. curse were infected with malware earlier today - Give them some time to fix it.
  6. :O isn't infected to me...
  7. i wonder if they got hacked:eek:
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  8. What if everything goes wrong! And all the recipes get mucked up!!! Then what? We cant craft, ever, ever, ever AGAIN!
  9. Look down the bottom of the page - See that one next to kalland labs? Click it.
  10. Oh now I get it :D
  11. You don't have all of the recipes memorized yet ? :p

    Besides, it would be a nice challenge to try and discover all of the crafting recipes for once
  12. I know them xD Just forget some
  13. It would be like coming back to the past, when the prehistorical steves learned how to make fire by using flint and steel, and began to craft things with their own hands :p
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  14. I wont go on there. Chrome comes up with a warning message
  15. it was a ad that linked to a malware site but they are fixing it:D