Max # of Vault pages?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by WayneKramer, Dec 18, 2014.

  1. The wiki says "A free player can have a maximum of two vault pages." but I don't think that's true as I'm a free player currently and I just expanded to 15 pages.

    What is the current number of max pages and should be updated?
  2. As a free player you can only BUY 1 vault page in addition to your free one. Vault pages that you buy as a supporter or get from Vault Vouchers exceed that limit.
  3. From the same page:
  4. The Contributors can add a bit to it I guess.
    "A non-supporter can purchase a maximum of 2 vault pages."

    non-supporter sounds better than free player to me.
  5. Ah thanks for clearing that up. So I'm still wondering what the max number is, even if I use vault pages I don't see that number anywhere unless it's the 50 that diamond supporters get.
  6. The maximum is 100 I believe.