Max Animal Bug

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  1. I have been having a problem with spawning my villagers with eggs in my res muliple times. I have a bunch of sheep, 93 I think, and I have found that I can only egg and respawn villagers 7 times before a message pops up that says you have too many animals on your res etc. I had a theory so I killed one of my sheep and sure enough, when I killed one of my sheep, I was able to eggify and spawn a villager 8 times this time. I think this is a bug so it would be appreciated if you have any comments or suggestions. Thanks.
  2. It isn't a bug. This 'bug' was made so there wont be to much lag on all res'es.
  3. Got any paintings/minecarts or similar on your res?
  4. It's the new mob limit on reses. the max I think for a regular 60x60 res it's 100.
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  5. No I do not. I checked that part as well
  6. It's not a bug, it's the mob limit on your residence.
  7. I realize that there's a mob limit of 100, but it should allow me to spawn, then re-egg my villagers an infinite number of times because never at one point do I have 100 animals on my res. Another thing, after it plays the message of the mob limit, a few seconds later I can continue eggifying and spawning the villagers again. So it's not the mob limit.
  8. PM Aikar, then. This is a bug.
  9. It's not a bug. It is just not instantaneous..... I suggest cutting your sheep count down.
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  10. What I think's happening is the entcounter is only rechecking every 15-20 seconds or so probably to limit the amount of lag it causes itself.
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