Marching Band Theme Help. ( You don't need band experience to help. )

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  1. Hello EMC,
    As some of you know I am in marching band and every show for marching band has a theme to it. I am auditioning for the drum major ( One of the students who conducts the band with the hand gestures. ) position next year and a great drum major helps contribute as much as possible to the band. We are currently coming up with a theme for the marching show we are doing next year and this is where you guys come in, I need some help coming up with a theme. For those of you with no music experience the theme can be anything from literature ( Meaning like a story. ) to just playing songs from a TV show or movie so basically anything. All I am asking for is ideas and for those of you band nerds you can help me out with the music if you would like. :) Please comment below you ideas.
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  3. Wait is this like a contest in EMC or what?
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  4. I guess I will give 5k to whoever's idea I chose so this is now a contest.
  5. How large is your band?
  6. Fairly large, around 130 students.
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  8. Ok, not sure but my son's high school did the following the last 4 years. He's a senior.
    They usually have 280 to 300 on the field

    2015 "I love France"
    French jazz theme

    2014 "Reflections of Earth"

    2013 "Porgy&Bess"

    2012 "The Giving Tree"

    I was a member of the Pit Crew all 4 years :)
    (For those who don't know; Pit Crew=Parents who volunteer to build, maintain and move the Pit equipment and all Props)
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  9. I figured :p you should check out that website though
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  10. Here are my two favorites my school has done in recent years.

    We also did one called "undercover" that was based off Jason Borne in 2014, but all the videos of that aren't good.

    Steel was really amazing, it was industrial revolution themed. Although my favorite to play was probably undercover. So many memories x3

    At nationals this year we saw a number of good ones, one of them played themes from Titanic, Phantom of the opera, Les Miserables, and that one sounded amazing. There was a jungle themed show, they did pieces like The lion sleeps tonight (awimbawe :p) and themes from the jungle book. There was another show based off time, I'm not sure how to describe the music other than 'twilight-zone-y'. And then there was this really cool show that was about computers called 'blue screen'. There was one that played video game music and had a whole bunch of graphics to go with it, and another one that had a fake fight scene. The one that placed just above us did a bunch of Mary Poppins music.

    Just some ideas :)
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  11. This is what my school did this year. The marching band has gone to state the past 3 years at least ( I am not in marching band or band at all, so I wouldn't know exactly), but it was really good.
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  12. First off another Bandie nice! (I played trombone From Middle school up through my last fall semester I spent at an actual university that was not ITT ) Any way here is one video from Henderson State university And there are a few others. (no Im not in this video this was done a couple years ago after I was gone from there)
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  13. Do a movie theme
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  14. I wanted to do The Maze Runner but my band director put an end to that idea. :(
  15. Do something that shows you support the French/Belgium people. Maybe combine their national anthems? I don't know much about marching bands so :p
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  16. Almost done with " NEXT " meetings. I will be showing this thread to the band and we will vote, whoever's idea we chose will receive 5k.
  17. Do a Video Game Theme, such as Mario, Zelda, etc.
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