Make A Rupees Leaderboard!!!

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  1. I have been wanting lately for there to be a rupees leaderboard. I see that you guys make a TEXP thing where it is basically a level leaderboard, but I think there should be a rupees leaderboard make.

    I personally have 104,000 Rupees :D

    Leave how many rupees you have in the comments!

    P.S: You could make it like Diamond, Gold, Iron, and regular members each have their own leaderboard.

    Good Idea?
  2. I actually wanted this idea after the leaderboards and have it so that there is a rupees leaderboard and have an overall rupees leaderboard and the different groups have their own rupees leaderboard.
  3. I think it would encourage people to ask for rupees so i disagree and that is why they removed the leaderboard anyway.
  4. there used to be a rupees leaderboard... but it caused more problems than it is worth, some people do not like their rupees to be shown.

    Also, rupees are an additive to the minecraft existence, and encouraged some .... questionable... behavior between players just to get a couple of rupees here and there.

    The TEXP system and leaderboard encourages players to actually Play minecraft, go out and fight, kill things.... which is a better alternative.
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  5. also if ur in an auction people could check to see how many rupees and i have a feeling that would also cause problems
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  6. I agree u should have a rupees leaderboard so u coul see if u have many rupees compared to others
  7. Maybe just top 25? And only you can seem your own rank?
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  8. Hmmm i kind of like the idea of only the ranks also maybe it could be the over all amount of rupees u have made
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  9. Maybe we should not have that in exact rupees, but more like in a percentage of growth. Same system as TEXP as it is now, only instead of giving the exact rupees, give a percentage of growth comparing to yesterday, last week, last month and so forth. I think that would be more interesting as it could make people think of ways to get a bigger potential of growth. Let me know what you guys think ^^

    EDIT: This would only work without the +100 for nonsupporters or other daily rewards for logging in.
  10. I also think i Leadershipboard is a bad idea. Maybe there can be a "Opt-in" Profilefield like "Show my rupee balance on my profile"

    But what i think statistics may be a good idea. So that there is a page like "People have 10000 Rupees in balance. Per day they spent average 1000 Rupees. Currently there are OVER 9000 MILLIONS Rupee on the flow"
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