Main Server Down - 03/062012

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  1. The main server is down which hosts all membership info, ruppes, vaults ect.

    You will not be able to login untill it is fixed by an admin.

    Please do not make multiple threads complaining that you cannot login.
    It will be fixed as soon as possible.

    IceCreamCow posted yesterday the datacenter is having problems too:
  2. okay, I just wondert, why I get this mystery message:

    Disconnected by Server

    Join free instant access at: http://Empire.uscode:82e**80
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  3. The database is hosted on the main server, while it is offline. The minecraft server is unabe to check against the databse that you are a registered member on the website.

    Soon as it is back up and running, it should all be okay again.
  4. okay, thanks for help!
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  5. I blame JustinGuy!

    Apparently the servers are running on 3G Cellphoneserver - and while he is currently moving the servers (along with the rest of his house) to another state. Every time he hits a roadbump - the mainserver just cant cut it, and starts to lag.