Magical Enchantment, taking orders!

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  1. Hey guys, its Magic here, as you may or may not know I have a small mall, in the middle of progress, it also has an enchantment section, but I want to take orders for enchanted items, by this I only mean picks shovels and axes. I cannot do sword orders, but can post on here what I have go and you post below saying you want that item, thanks again guys. Post below what enchantment(s) you want on what tool, and then see me on smp7 when I say, and you pay me and I give it to you. Thanks guys
  2. Bumping this thread guys! Common its a good buisness xD
  3. You should make a list describing the price of each enchantment for each tool. :3
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  4. Bump guys xD
    List will come soon, bear with me, mean time, sword orders will be taken! And bow!