Magical enchantment orders

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  1. Hey guys, its Magic here, as you may or may not know I have a small mall, in the middle of progress, it also has an enchantment section, but I want to take orders for enchanted items, by this I only mean picks shovels and axes. I cannot do sword orders, but can post on here what I have go and you post below saying you want that item, thanks again guys. Post below what enchantment(s) you want on what tool, and then see me on smp7 when I say, and you pay me and I give it to you. Thanks guys
  2. Delete tihis post please mod's. Im posting it else where. thx
  3. Hello. I need 10 enchanted diamond shovels with efficiency 3 and unbreaking 3. If their efficiency is higher than 3 it's okay, but I don't want to pay extra for it. Can you help me?
  4. Yeh. I will be on it. For 10 unbreaking 3 eff3 diamond shovels it will be... 8.5k
  5. There moght be effIV unb III shovels there, but the price wil still be the same
  6. Alright, sounds good! Let me know when they're ready, I'll pay you then.
  7. Yep sure. If you come now I have 3 ready
    And pay me when I complete the order. Come to sp7
  8. Well, if you have the other shovels ready, I can pay you.
  9. Not quite xD
  10. No rush. I already finished the main project I needed them for :)
  11. oh haha xD How many did I give you? You cna just pay for the ones I gave you
  12. You gave me 4. So (4/10) times 8500r would be 3400r. Does that sound good?