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  1. Items: DC of Jungle logs

    Efficiency III, Unbreaking III diamond axe
    Named: The Beast Axe

    Starting bid: 3000 rupees
    Minimum bid increment: 300 rupees
    End time: 34 hrs after last valid bid

    Pick up on smp6, /v haytsack64, after payment their will be an access chest
    Happy Bidding!
  2. 3000 Rupees
  3. The beast bid: 4300r
  4. 4,600 Rupees >:D
  5. Hmm . . . . . 4700r
  6. You can only raise by 300 r.
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  7. Got ninja'ed. My intention was to make a valid bid, but someone outbid me while I was making it.
  8. Curundu is in the lead with 4,700, still time to bid.

    P.S.: next time follow the rules;)
  9. So are you auctioning a DC of Jungle logs, or an axe, or both?

  10. Both.

    Curundu isn't in the lead, Rosy2696 is. Curundu tried to overbid 4300(pateraterick) with 4700, but Rosy(4600)was first. So Curundu's bid is confirmed invalid, as he stated himself.
  11. AndrewBryer is in the lead with 5k

    I'm auctioning off a unbreaking 3, and Efficiency 3 diamond axe, AND a DC of jungle logs
  12. still time to bid, this is going for so cheap right now
  13. This auction is technically invalid, since you don't have [Auction] in the title and you're allowed to auction EMC fireworks, DC of items (Same kind, stacked to max) enchanted items and beacons. But you're only allowed to choose one of the 4 items to be auctioned. I've been called off for doing an auction like this before, so therefore this auction is invalid.
  14. And BTW, you can only Bump 3 hours after THE LAST POST, not the last bid. It appears you bumped 2 hours early in the previous bump.
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  15. And BTW again, bumping includes saying "SOMEONE IS IN THE LEAD WITH 1R", so you've technically broken the rules more than once.
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