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  1. [Notice: This Loot-A-Thon will be monthly if successful]

    COUNTDOWN: 15 minutes left.

    How it works

    On 6 PM EST, on the server SMP8, I will open up container rights for everyone on my residence. There will be chests scattered throughout my residence, with prizes ranging from netherrack all the way to enchanted diamond tools.
    Not all of these chests will be found in the buildings, however. Some of the chests will be at the end of parkour courses, and others will be hidden under ground (The entrances to the underground will ALWAYS be inside a building). These harder to get to chests will have the best loot.

    Donators/Special Mentions
    Zachs15- Donated $5000
    HxCami10- Donated $3000
    Seffychan- Supplier
    Codygraw101- Builder
    Hurferdurfer1- Builder + Supplier
    LadyJenova- Builder + Supplier
  2. TIPS

    • The very best loot is under the catacombs, at the end of the sugar cane/ice parkour course. (Hint: The entrance to the catacombs is in a 1-story building...)
    • If you open a chest, and there is nothing in it, walk away. New items may *magically* appear there later if no one is near the chest.
    • Sometimes, putting brightness on "Moody" may help you discover hidden chests....
    • Look in the ocean. You might find something special!
    • If you donate, I can put better loot in during the next loot-a-thon ;)
    • Practice the parkour before I open up the container rights. It'll help you out in the long run when you're racing for items.
    Wall Of Champions
    • Zachs15
    • Codygraw101
    • Neonkillah
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  4. ill make sure im there :p
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  8. Now the 1st post is actually useful- I've turned it into a tips section!
  9. Ah man! I'm going to miss this one. Oh well - Good luck to everyone who plays. ;)
  10. Edit: First loot-a-thon has been completed :)