Looking to do a video with some people!

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  1. Hi

    I want to get a few people just to play a PvP map or something with me and do a video :)

    Skype (1 person max doesn't need it)
    A mic

    What I want to do:
    Play a PvP map or something (Maybe Super Craft Bowl) and just have some really random fun

    Recorder (We can have as many as we can get)

    Recording Person Thingy:
    I can record because hosting a server and playing Minecraft wont work very well

    Just to play on the map having a microphone on skype will be good so we can talk

    People who are doing it:
    - Game 1 -
    Me - Player
    Runningrhino - Player
    Joshposh70 - Recording person thingy
    1998golfer - Hoster/Player

    - Game 2 -
    Jake_bagby - Player
    Joshposh70 (I want him to record both games)

    The 2 games are for Super Craft Bowl, but this may change to 1 if its just a PvP map :)

    Any question's just ask!
  2. ill be a player, when will this be?
  3. When we all agree on a date that way we can all fit it in :)

    EDIT: Do you have a mic?
  4. ill do it!
  5. Ok, do you have a mic?
  6. I'll do it too :D
  7. ya.
  8. I'll join in, Studio quality mic and I can use fraps and host and still be at 100+ FPS
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  9. Sounds like fun! Count me in:) . I will try to record but doubt i will be able to because my computer is crappy also typo on recorder section i think you mean can not instead of can
  10. I can plop a PVP map onto my server and we can do multiplayer through my server if you want. (i can use just regular minecraft server from minecraft.net instead of bukkit if you want)
    - i can record too
  11. im in. i have a mic but cannot record or MC goes to 3fps
  12. Mic?

    Ok! We can host like 2 games or something like that as well!

    Can you host the server? My internet is crappy and drops out loads

    You're in for sure!

    Thats fine :)

    Just updating OP
  13. Ya ill host it. It is up right now, i'll start a PM with me with all the participants and ill say the IP there.
  14. I'll host if you want, I've got a dedicated box for hosting - Should be good for 30 people and well, you know my internet :)
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  15. My server is already up :) hosted on 24GB RAM
  16. Upload speed/Download speed, Processor? Ramdisk?
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  17. 25mbps download, 5mbps upload, i5 2500k 3.3GHz quad core, 500mb/s read and write SSD
  18. Oh no, I didn't understand half of that
  19. He was asking the specs of mine I think :p