Looking for Xbox360 MW3 players

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Firebox360, Mar 12, 2012.

  1. I am not here to get posts about if you do not like this game/and you think Battlefield is better then simply turn away from this page.

    But if you are a good player who has this game for xbox, then feel free to add me *Firebox720*

    I have people to play with, but most of them aren't very good, or are playing other games

    Or just post your gamer tag, and i will add you the next time i get on

    I play primarily SnD, but i do play other game types as well
  2. 15th Prestige Black Ops - is that good?
  3. yeah thats good, but im talking primarily about MW3 at the moment.
    I haven't played Black ops in awhile,
  4. I have xbox 360 and mw3 maybe you can add me im 1st perstiege 73 in mw3 and 10 perstieg level 70 in mw2
  5. My gametag is "Lil Davido" since my name is david :p
  6. Allright david, ill add you sometime later
  7. :/ Got a ps3.... but I have the game.
  8. Ahh, sorry but i dont really play my ps3, and do not have mw3 for it either
  9. Yeah I play PS3 MW3 xD oh well
  10. >Console fps game
    Why would you even buy it for a console?
  11. sry i went on 2day and som1 added me firebox so then i was like who is that then i declined and checked empire it was you can you send me another 1
  12. Dopey xMcFLyx hmu ;)
  13. Allright, i should be getting on sometime soon. I'll let you know
  14. im 15th prestige mw3 add me
  15. Will do, i should be on tomorrow
  16. TF2!!!!!!!!
  17. says your gamer tag does not exist
  18. i have to buy live when i get it ill let you know