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  1. Hey guys! I'm building a challenge course on SMP8 that will include a bunch of different rooms that each have a challenge in them, such as a parkour course or maze. Once you complete the obstacle in one room you can move on to the next room. At the end of all of the rooms there will be a room where there will be a chest filled with vouchers that can be redeemed to me for a prize, as well as a wall of all of the names of players that have donated anything at all to help in the construction of the course.

    What do I need?

    Anything helps but I mostly need a lot of cobblestone, glass, wood, and tools (I've already gone through more than two double chests of cobblestone and a few diamond tools and I'm not even 1/4 done with the course).

    Why do I need it?

    The challenge course is being built on a new residence that is completely devoted to the challenge course, that means a 60x60 lot that will be filled to its capacity (rooms on top of or under other rooms to fit more rooms on to the lot) to bring a challenging and lengthy experience that makes it worthy of a prize.

    Why should you donate?

    If you donate you can get your name on the wall of donators that will be featured in the prize room so that those that finish the course can see all of the generous players that helped to bring the challenge course experience to Empire Minecraft. You will also be featured on the wall of donators in my shop (/v +dmshop on SMP8). On top of all of this, you get the satisfaction of knowing that you helped create a fun challenge course that can be enjoyed by everyone on the server!

    How do I donate?

    You can donate by locating me in game and giving your donations directly to me, or by using the donation hopper in my shop at /v +dmshop on SMP8. I have an ongoing list of all of the players that have already donated items to the course so that I can keep track of all players that will be featured on the donation walls. If you donate via the donation hopper in my shop, please message me telling me that you've donated!

    Can I see the course?

    You can watch the course progress by teleporting to the residence it's being built on with either

    /v DevanMistMusic-2
    /v +dmcourse

    on SMP8

    I don't have any items to donate, is there any other way I can help?

    Why yes! There is! You can also help out by commenting on this thread with some helpful ideas for rooms and/or themes I can use in the construction of the course. If I like your idea enough to implement it into the course I will message you telling you that I am using your idea and you will also be featured on the walls of donators! Unfortunately a lot of the best ideas I have for the course, such as a cactus maze, lava parkour, fire puzzle, etc, cannot be implemented because I cannot turn player damage on. Please take this into consideration when leaving ideas in this thread.

    Here are some screenshots of the progress so far:

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  2. Will this course be free/ open 24/ 7?
  3. Looks plain :/
  4. Yes

    Because this is the second day I've been building it and I keep running out of materials and having to get them again. The rooms will not only increase in difficulty, but will be decorated as well. Here is an update on one of the rooms.

  5. I will help by repairing your tools. Do not break them completely. Just mail the almost broken ones to me and I will mail them back.
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  6. That sounds great, thanks!
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  7. his course is cool