{Looking for Builder} Need a Head Office Built!

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  1. Hey Everyone,

    I am looking for a Builder, It has come to that time where i have too many projects and i dont have much time to get on. I want someone to build a Head office for me.

    Here is a List of some of the stuff I need from yo, to be chosen.
    -Portflio (Of Builds you Made)
    -Builds you made on EMC (With Proof)

    I need these items to be included in the build.
    -Lobby with Gardens and front desk, and stairs to other floors
    -Big Office's
    -5 floors of Office's
    -Storage Room on 2 floors above the office's
    -Above that a 2 floor massive Office
    -full 60x60 build
    -Plants and nice landscaping around the building
    -my company name somewhere on the building,

    I dont care what it is built out of, as long as it looks great. I perfer these blocks in it.
    -Stained Clay
    -Wood (Depending on what looks good)

    I would like this built on a Signle player world, and daily updates on the build. If i want to see the build you have to send me the file. All this data will be in a PM so dont worry.

    I want a cost for you to make the building, and a cost for you to build it on the server (With me suppliying the items).

    This thread will close when i have chosen someone. That will be posted in the thread.

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  2. This is Licensed under The Empire Finch Contracting.

    Disclaimer: I have the Rights to change the date any time, as well as Put everything on hold for set amount of time. All this information will be kept under The Empire Finch Privacy Act and will not be shared with anyone else unless asked permission. If there are any conflicts, Proper steps will be taken to resolve those steps.

    All other Payments and supplies will be managed under The Empire FInch Inc.
  3. I will pay what the Build is worth, but will pay up to 500k in total!!
  4. I could see myself being interested in this. I can come up with a blueprint of sorts and shoot you some screenshots. To give you an idea of some things I'll attach screenshots.

    I tend to give a lot of attention to small details, and am by nature a perfectionist.

    My Res on smp3

    Mountain House in Single Player

    Castle in Single Player (currently under construction.)

    Anyhow, that's the basic gist of it.

  5. I have found a Builder........

    Galazeek, Will see how this turns out. Will upload Screens of the Final Product.

    Thank you for all other Entries, Will be concidered for a future build.
  6. Ah righteo. Was in the middle of drafting up a quick concept. This is what I came up with, but it's obviously just an outer wall, with some basic structure on it. Anyhow, best of luck.