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Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by Adderwolf71, May 6, 2013.

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  1. Good day from your friendly neighborhood LOTR fan. I have been playing on EMC a lot now, and I love the experience. I love the building, making a shop and friendly atmosphere. But I have been longing for a new experience: Not a friendly building server, but a PVP server. If someone could give me a few suggestions to a good server, here is what I am looking for:
    • War Server. You know it if you've been on one, but if you don't know what I am talking about, a war server is a server where you pick a side and fight the other side. Kinda like factions, but on a larger scale.
    • Zombie Survival Server. Walking Dead, anyone? Basically PvP with the added threat of mutant zombies.
    • Survival Server. Normal Minecraft, except with PvP
    • Maybe some kind of PvP/Roleplay server?
    Thanks in advance! NOTE: PM me the name.
  2. This thread won't end well.
    Asking people to advertise other servers on the official server forum?
    No.....not gonna end well.
  3. We can't give you IPs here, just Google it. Was that difficult? :)
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  4. Sorry.....
    I wasn't asking people to advertise the server. I was asking if someone could tell me the name or PM me the name.
    Not start a whole anti-EMC riot.
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  5. While we have no objection with you fulfilling your particular minecraft needs outwith our servers, it is a little rude to use our forums to ask for alternatives.
    Closing thread.
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Thread Status:
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