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  1. New here but I pretty much know how to play MC. I'm probably bad with designing and such so maybe I can specialize in resource gathering instead.

    Thanks :D
  2. Hello, Winscar!

    Today's your lucky day. I run the Voltia Market Complex on 10449 and we have several positions open for executives in gathering resources, as well as simple odd jobs available any time.

    With an executive position you are resident at the VMC, meaning you get a free room on my residence as a second home, a market chest in the centre of the Shop Area where you can sell goods you get off the job, and pay of 100 Rupees per week!

    And, with a simple odd job, I show you to your workplace, give you required flags, and let you do the job! Pay is 50 Rupees per half hour.

    Executive Positions
    • Head Of Lumbering
    • Head Of Mining
    • Head Of Farming
    • Head Of Market
    • Generator Technician
    Odd Jobs
    • Cobble Farming
    • Lumbering
    • Site Development (digging out an underground floor)
    • Obsidian Farming
    • Mining (off-site, report to VMC office first)
    Don't forget, my residence is at 10449 and I'm looking forward to seeing you very soon! :)
  3. Getting a job is the worst way to make money..

    Goto the wilderness and spend minutes there - you'll soon see that you can make 10x the amount payed for a "job"...
  4. He's right, I went to the wild, set up a hidey hole, and in 20 minutes i had a huge cave and 37 iron. Score!
    (This was today BTW)
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