looking for a fortune pick

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  1. i want a fortune pickaxe. im willing to pay 600 - 5000 r . it has to be an iron or diamond pick. no stone or wood . it also has to be more than fortune 2 . if your willing to let me buy it PM me telling me which server and resnum to meet you at . please reserve the pick for me . ( you might have to wait a while for me to get the money )

    thanks - dylan_frenette

    yes thats my IGN
  2. Try dubzy1's enchanted shop on smp2 it is pretty much always stocked with most enchanted pickaxes.
  3. thanks but im still gonna be open for offers
  4. Theres a big enchantment shop on Utopia at 5353, you mighy want to check that out.
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  5. I have an Ubraking 3 and Fortune 3 at 849,SMP1
  6. ok reserve it for me ill have the money soon thanks for telling me
  7. i dont think i have access to utopia
  8. You have access to utopia town world to visit other people's residences. You just can't have access to the wild and nether worlds.
  9. oh i thought i didnt have any access at all thanks for telling me :)
  10. I have 3 picks - fortune 2, efficiency 3 and efficiency 2 - if you buy them all it's 4000r.
  11. how much for just the fortune pick ?
  12. I'd say 4-5k? It's negotiable and I'm on smp6 right NOW so if you want to buy come onto smp6 :p
  13. I have loads of fortunes - I'll sell you a fortune, efficiency and unbreaking for 7k?
  14. 4K i sell fortunes II for 1.7k
  15. i have 4800 r right now im working on getting more so just wait a lil longer
  16. If you still are looking for Fortune picks ill suggest getting a Fortune3 one. Try /v Zabriel at smp3. He is the cheapest one with enchanted tools (as far as i know)

    Ps. you might need 6-8k for fortune3 with efficiency and unbreaking if you buy from Zabriel :D
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  17. ok thanks for the info i will do that but i have to get at least 1000 - 2000 r more to be able to do that
  18. Noproblem dude. Hmm just sell something or work for diamond supporters, :D
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  19. 15k for EFF V fortune III and unbreaking III
  20. oo i have the same pick but refusing to sell for less than 20k to try and reboost the enchantment market
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