Lockable Lighting in the Wild?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Torian42, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. Some griefers seem to like torches... a lot. I have had well lit mining areas before in the wild, only to come back to darkness. Would it be possible to be able to lock jack-o-lanterns and glowstone blocks? This would allow us to create well lit, lockable bases. Just an idea.
  2. Taking a torch from a mine isnt really griefing is it?

    However - it would be abused if it was too cheap - say having a huge wall of jack-o-lanterns blocking off people who wanted to go somewhere etc.
  3. No, I'm talking about taking ALL the torches from a mine. Also, to create a wall like that at 1000r a block would really be more trouble than it's worth. Besides, the mods could easily remove this and attach a no refund or even a ban penalty.
  4. And would would prevent them from simply digging around it -they don't get the light source- they'll just find a new way to annoy people...
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  5. Griefers could easily use this to light up a working spawner grinder.
  6. Well, it is, but at the lowest level.

    There's a torch, someone must have put it there, you take it, or take a bunch of them, that player logs in later to find himself in darkness.

    Not much different from knocking in the side of his house in the Wild.

    However, if we started to lock torches, where would it end?

    Coal is easy enough to come by and cheap enough to build. Always make sure you have a stack on you, just in case.
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