Live Stream notification Thread and announcement

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  1. The newest addition to the funfamilyminecraft youtube channel is our ability to live stream. We have been testing and practicing for a few days and are ready to announce events for the EMC community. We hope you will support us by at least logging in to say hello. We will be playing on EMC servers and will usually invite anyone to come to our location and join in. We have also enabled chat, please be respectful. Hope to eventually get a voice chat channel together as well.
    Watch it on youtube or watch it in the media window.
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  2. Awesome. I remember you streaming at the snowball fight last week. :p
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  3. Going to start the stream shortly. We plan to be on smp4 and search for Boss Mobs. Message me if you want to join our group. If you don't want to come, please support our channel by checking out the stream for a few minutes.