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  1. Note : Please only reply when you know something that could help fix the problem

    I have a problem with my pc :
    whenever I want to open a window it goes in slowmotion, like really slowmo.
    also when I'm playing a game everything is in slowmotion however I do have fps that is double the fps i normally have.

    I had the problem before but i fixed it by re installing my drivers, but that didn't work this time.
    It started this morning.

    I run windows 7 64bit
    12gig ram and a Nvidia Geforce GTX 660
    all my drivers are up to date.
    and I scanned my whole pc on viruses

    when I don't use aero opening a window is normal again, however games are still in slowmotion..

    And yes.. I already googled it a dozen times :)

    Does someone know what it could be?
  2. Just wondering, what kind of CPU do you have?
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  3. "Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3770 CPU @ 3.40GHz (8 CPUs), ~3.9GHz"
    Thats what Dxdiag says
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  4. I'd say get a decent operating system :p
    Sorry, for the irony, but honestly I am running Linux on my computers for years now, without having to reinstall anything. No slowing down, no viruses; plus it runs Minecraft :).
    I am aware that this comment might not really help. I just wanted to point out an alternative.
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  5. This sounds like your graphics card is having problems. It may be having hardware issues.

    Aero uses GPU features, so disabling aero restoring window performance sounds logical there (as it then moves to more CPU oriented operations)

    But games still lagging, def seems to be the GPU as culprit.

    Try clean reinstalling the drivers.
  6. I have had issues like this in the past. Open up the Task Manager. Is your disk usage always at 100% ?
  7. I have worked with alot of operating systems at my school and one of them was linux, but I still like windows the most but that's my opinion.
    thanks for the tip anyway :)

    I re-installed the drivers for the 3th time now , I made sure it removed everything and then installed it again but after restarting it still is the same.. :(

    I'm not sure what it is in English but it says :
    Processes : 82 , Processor usage 3% , physical memory: 23%
    (i tried to translate it so it could be the wrong translation)
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  8. Can someome help? Its still not fixd
  9. When you open up the Task Manager and press "more details" doesn't it have 4 columns?
  10. It should have a bar saying "disk"
  11. uhh
  12. My mistake forgot you're on Windows 7 not 8 :p can you send a screenshot of your performance tab please :)
  13. edit : i had some probs posting it....

    Its in dutch tought:
  14. Have you scanned for malware? I have had a few pieces of malware in the past that have just tanked my performance. If you don't already have this, get it. It will save you from many headaches. Just get the free version, and make sure not to start the free trial of premium (it is part of the install process).
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  15. At the start it already found 3 of them. it was a program i already thought was supicious
    edit : 54
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  16. (I'm dutch) I don't really see something weird, but what is odd (i think)is that three of your cores are lazy and do nothing...
  17. It wasn't hared to guess by your name ;P
    But now you say it they are doing almost nothing. but that could because i'm doing nothing but searching the internet?
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  18. I don't know, I'll have a look at mine (I have the 3770k) and look what they do.
  19. How long ago did you buy your graphics card?
  20. Well i did get rid of all the malware.. but i didn't help :(