Limiting ways of entering residence

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  1. This may seem confusing from the title, so let me explain.

    What I think should exist is a command limiting the way you can enter a residence. For example, I could limit the residence to teleportation only, so you can't walk into the residence, but you can teleport in. This situation could also be reversed so that one could only walk in and not teleport in.

    The uses for this are people who build a teleportation area in their residence. It would look aesthetically pleasing inside, but would be very basic on the outside. If this is implemented, you could make a small wall around the teleportation area and people wouldn't be able to see that part or walk on your residence. The only way to get in would be to teleport. Then they would teleport into that room.

    A command idea would be /res enter [tp, walk]

    Thank you for considering my idea, and I hope this isn't too hard to implement.
  2. /res set tp false
  3. and to add to Fbuilder... to stop them from walking in, build a wall and type /res set enderpearl f
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  4. 1) very ugly
    2) block glitching