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  1. Hello people, I feel like time has come for another giveaway sponsored by me,
    I already gave away ALOT, and I mean ALOT of stuff today on SMP5.

    Anyways, if this thread gets like um 20-30likes i will make a 10K give away
    30-40people will be able to enter this contest once it officialy open

    if this thread don't get 20-30likes ill make the giveaway withing few weeks anyways. :)

    Reason behind why I give stuff away and why I wanna give 10k away is because I have alot of money, and I will probly never spend them all, so instead of me having so much money i decided to give stuff/rupees away,

  2. First like!
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  3. First supporter, more to go :)
  4. #VoteForCake
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  5. *#VoteForTomatoCake
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  7. Who mentioned cake?

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  8. This is epic. (-:
  9. Like and if someone from LLO enters hope they used to make it better place lol :p
  10. I need to fund my companion cube project!
  11. LLO? :D
  12. I = like. and hey do we get an automatic entry once we like?
  13. Last Light Outpost.
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  14. lol thanks i told him on his wall about it
  15. I don't think asking for likes to enter something is allowed..
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  16. Nope sorry, you have to choose a number once the giveaway thread is up =)
  17. I'm not doing this for the likes tho. I wanna see how many people want a 10k giveaway, even tho i have had 5ototal entrys last 2 giveaways.

    And if this is against the rules a MOD can always close/delete the thread,
  18. Just ask them to post in the comments.
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  19. I've contacted IceCreamCow, if this is against the rules the thread will get closed/deleted
  20. No answer from IceCreamCow yet =P