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  1. Hi guys, kicklandbc again. This is a thread where you can share your let's plays, but you can also share other videos too, like animations! The videos don't even have to be Minecraft! They do have to have something in them that's related to minecraft, though, like pixels and cubes. Hope you guys have fun here! I have an example here.
  2. Um.
    You can't really make people share their lets plays here. There is a place on the forums where you share your lets plays. It's called *Share Your Lets plays*
    It's like if I made a thread of a place to share your builds in the share your creations part of the forums...
  3. He posted this in the correct forum :)

    This forum is for people to make threads about their let's plays, not post on threads about their let's plays.

    Basically, this whole forum is for people to post Let's Plays, there is no need to post threads like this :)
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