(Lets Play) Minecraft, Happy Wheels and more with Demon

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  1. Hello Emc. On this thread I will be playing Minecraft. (Maps, Survival, ect) and Happy Wheels!
    I also will record other games such as QWOP and more :)
    Stay Tuned for more!
    The more I make the better they will be! I might start also recording with a camera and doing Fridays with SilverFire (Youtube Username)

    Episode 1 of Happy wheels!
    To Narnia!
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  2. Also a Side note -

    Today I am uploading like crazy. 2 more Happy Wheels and 1 epic QWOP is coming soon.
    Blame youtube for taking forever :p
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  3. cool i will check it out
  4. Lol the video's Sooo AWESOME!!
  5. .L.O.V.E. .I.T. i like dots in it!
  6. Let's do parkour maps together!
  7. QWOP Episode 1
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  8. Also, If anyone has any games they want me to play, I will gladly play them.

    Ps. I got the annoying thing around the cursor to go away :)
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  9. :/, unwatchable,but it's your 1st time so yeahh...
  10. Play Ghost train Please!
  11. How is it unwatchable.
    I put a lot of work into this, someone just coming in mean like that is really rude.
    Go make your own and try.
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  12. it is not funny,but it's ok, it is your first time..don't get so butthurt...
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  13. Do Wipeout in your next video!
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  14. this is the funniest thing eva!!!
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  15. Yeah, in happy wheels you try to imitate Tobuscus. Just be yoself
  16. true, the interwebz will change you..
  17. will do
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  18. that annoying thing is well a annoying thing!!
    can u do a video with me? i do MC COD videos alot wanna join me sometime??
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