Lets Play EMC!

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  1. Hello fellow Empire People. Today I declare the start of my series. Lets Play EMC!
    I will be doing things like going to the wild and trying to survive with a few items and see if I can survive for like 5 minutes. In the first episode, I go into the wild with nothing and try to go as far as I can without dieing. I made it pretty far and would have made it farther if it wasnt for those meddling Creepers!

    Lets Play EMC #1 Stupid Creeper
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  2. Lets play EMC #2 2 Spider Jockeys
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  3. Lets Play EMC#3 Playing with Madmice44
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  4. You lp looks pretty good so far (l subbed you). I'm also doing an lp of emc (incase you didn't know) and although I'm ahead in episodes I think it would be cool if you could feature in my lp and vis verser. PM me if your interested.
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  5. My lets play of Minecraft died a long time ago... don't let the same thing happen to yours :p
  6. Lets Play EMC #4 Derpy Holes, Hospital, and Enraged Mobs!
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  7. I need people for Lets Play EMC #5!
  8. I would be more than happy to help :) I can even commentate with u too!
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  9. What do u use to record?
  10. BB Flash Back Recorder ;)
  11. If i can get it to work without much lag i can help u out on ur vids
  12. Lets Play EMC #5 Teleporting Jtc and Totem Poles
  13. Lets Play EMC #6 iHaro Drop Party
  14. Should I do more of these?
  15. Think so?
  16. My name is not pronounced like that, it is just literally all the letters. Eff-Dee-En-Why ;) Nice videos Demonthunder!
  17. Lets Play EMC #7 Mob Arena!
    (Special Zombie Maze round)
  18. :cool:
  19. Demon I think you should include some minibosses and more players like today and yesterday I have slain my first marlix and momentus.
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  20. Lets Play EMC #8 Cow Hockey!
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