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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Hashhog, Oct 1, 2014.

  1. Hey there, EMC. Today I want to talk to you guys about forum activity. I've noticed that over the past few months, our forums have steadily become less and less active, and I don't like it. It seems that as older players who were active on the forums leave, newer players aren't replacing them. It just seems that the forums aren't being used as much as they used to be, and that saddens me. So, what are we going to do about it?
    I want each and every one of you to start helping to increase our forum activity. Spread the word ingame that the forums are a great place to be! If somebody asks about where they can buy bulk items, suggest checking out threads advertising businesses that do this! If somebody wants to make rupees, suggest that they head to the forums and vote! Does somebody want to become a larger part of the community? Send 'em to the forums Now, don't get spammy about it, of course, but just attempt to make sure that you're making a conscious effort to promote the forums when you are able to.
    I'd love to see these forums getting used more. In the old days, you could make a post, and within forty minutes it would be pushed off the recent posts list. The forums were a place for the community to hang out and bond, and I want them to be like that again!
    So, who's with me? Who wants to restore the forums to their former glory? Who wants to send the forums into a golden age of community interaction, in which people can laugh and cry and always know that there are people out there to talk to? Who wants to make the EMC forums the forums again?
    Come on, EMC. Let's bring the forums back!
  2. I just finished the room on this in the new tutorial. No one will be able to forget that we have a forums after it is released. Until then, I agree with and support this campaign!

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  3. #EMCForumLife
  4. Great post, thanks! :)
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  5. I didn't choose the forum life, forum life chose me.
    Holla to all my forum homies who don't actually play on EMC! #represent
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  6. Honestly, I stay on the forums but I don't really play in game, something I'm trying to get better at but I havent had much luck :p
    But I have been noticing the inactivity, and lack of new players here. But maybe I don't pay enough attention
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  7. If you think this is bad, you are lucky you didn't have to witness July-Sept/Oct 2012. It was honestly so bad that there were many of us who feared that it was the end of EMC. /1.3

    Anyway, I support this. My only suggestion is that if someone is like "where can I sell some wheat?", I would not send them this way. Just what we need is 12354854651 threads of 40 wheat being sold.
  8. I support #EMCForumLife.
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  9. Shalom approves this! #EMCForumLife

    (yes I know I just talked in 3rd person, deal with it.)
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  10. #EMCforumLife
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  11. mca.png
    Haven't made one of these in ages..
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  12. 1ook rupee cover charge.. jk yea It's free to use if you want.
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  13. T
    Thank you kind Sir
  14. I am not here to stop the party but EMC wont be as it was. I would love it to, but good things don't last forever unfortunately.
  15. Everyone knows this but we may as well keep it like it is for as long as possible.
  16. Hehe too bad the signature can only be seen in the forums :confused:
    I now know what I will add in my res enter/leave message! (#EMCForumLife) Who all is with me!

    I lay wait until someone in game is asking where to get "x" item, or what is a good price to sell "y"?
    I always refer them to the 'business' section of the forums (or the auction threads), which seems to get them coming back to the forums a lot.

    I also wait for players to looking for a group to mine/kill with.
    I ask them if they have introduced themselves in the welcome thread, and if not, they should do so and indicate what times they play, and that they are looking for others to 'team up' with.

    I love the forums, and have gotten to know a bunch of people that I probably would not have known otherwise. It is great to chat in game, and the forums just extend our ability to communicate with each other. (plus the auction threads, updates, etc...)

    Great idea hash, to keep in mind that not every player in game gets on the forums, and that we need to make them aware of the epicness here!
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  17. I literally have seen the same 7 threads on the main page for over 3 days...
  18. The reason the forums was so active with vets was because were forced to make a forums account in order to play. Now any new player can just join without a forums account.
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