Leaving EMC.

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Should i leave?

No 15 vote(s) 51.7%
Cookies are yummy 14 vote(s) 48.3%
  1. Hello everyone. Its me DuckTapeCow, or Mischievous_Wolf. Ive played EMC for about 3 years (/p epickid02), its been a really fun time. The friends ive made, you guys are awesome. And thanks to the great staff for not banning me :p . The reason im leaving is because EMC is getting a boring. When I get on I usually do nothing, then get off. EMC is and empty can to me. I might come back, but not soon. Ill hop on here and there to get promos, say hi, or not go derelict. Please don't ask for my items, they are in the possession of Hermioneluvr. No she doesn't have my promos :p. Tomorrows my last day. I might do something special on 18081 SMP9. If I do ill post that here. Goodbye friends and staff, ill miss Ya.

  2. How is it boring? Maybe we can change that! :D
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  3. you will be dearly missed
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  4. No! :( I dont want to lose a wolf!
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  5. You will be missed, Wolf. That altar is going to be amazing.
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  6. No, dont leave us
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  7. Idk how to change the boredom, but it's at its max
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  8. Gifts are excepted for the event xD
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  9. If you been here for us long as people like us. It is kinda boring in a way.
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  10. He's right
  11. Really bored rk lol
  12. I'll try and sneak on later if my dad goes to bed and I don't fall asleep :p
  13. Well, its sad to see another EMC member leave, but good luck and go have fun. :D
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  15. It'll be different with not having you around. Have fun in what ever you decide to do though, seeya mate!
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  16. Good luck :) Have fun, enjoy life
  17. We've never met, at least I don't remember meeting you. :p There are usually so many people online, when I come on...hard to get to meet everyone! lol I've only been with EMC for almost 2 mths. & hoping to meet more nice people. :)

    You will be missed...take care! :)
  18. Good news people's. Just taking a break, and there will be a party for my 3 year (Almost). The party will most likely be held at 18081, just gotta get it ready
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