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What will you miss the most?

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  1. Hello Empireians, and welcome to my REAL leaving thread. A while back I did a troll video (ik im still lol about that), but this is NOT a troll. I find it hard to post anything without having to double check the thread to make sure what I say will not offend anyone. That is not usually a good sign.

    For those of you wondering, "Hmm, I wonder why Bro would leave, he is so active"? I will not go far into detail, but I have been having a difficult time getting back into EMC knowing there are people out there who's only intent in EMC is to troll me/ piss me off. I come on here to have fun and play with friends, and it only ruins the experience for everyone. In my previous rant Here, I stated "If this does Not stop, I WILL be leaving".

    Before you say: "Why don't you just PM a Community Manager", understand that I already have.
    That being said I would greatly appreciate if you do not post saying that.

    I will vote for all of my accounts so I don't lose anything. I may return in the far future, but I am not leaning toward that.

    I'm not going to list all the players who have helped me greatly in EMC, as that list would exceed 100 names, but you know who you are :) and I greatly appreciate what you all have done.

    If you want to talk to me, you can contact me via site pm (for the next week or so), or you can add me on steam (Bro_im_infinite)

    Lastly, I do NOT want to hear: "see you in x amount of time". I ask that you please have enough respect in this thread to not say that.
  2. Sad to see you go, even though I didn't really know you very well :(
    I would say I hope you return some day, but it's your decision to leave, and I respect that.
    I hope you have fun in whatever you do outside of EMC! :D
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  3. Nuuuuu! At least I got you on Skype , Steam, and 3DS c:
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  4. Can I still snapchat you? Im not much into mc anymore either.
  5. Of coarse :)
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    Edit: I know you stated your reasons in the op, and so have other people, but it is just sad.
  7. I agree with olaf_c
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  8. Yay we can still snapchat bro :D

    I will miss you bro!
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  9. Your presence will be greatly missed. I know what it is like to feel like there are people who are constantly against you, and no matter what anyone says, only time can make you feel better. There have been several times where I have played in game and felt like I didn't belong, so I would take several month breaks. What I found to be a half solution to feeling like it was my personality that was the problem, I would (and still do) mainly play on my mostly secret alt. If you ever feel like giving it a go, use an alt that no one knows about for a while and see if it makes you feel more comfortable. I find that people often dislike the name/reputation/"popularity" of a player much more that their personality. Back when it was uncommon to have a post count and like count as high as mine, there would be people who just assume that since I posted a lot, that I was a cocky @$$hat. I found this out via my alt in game, and they would love my alt, but hate my main just because of the name.

    So yeah, I started getting disorganized there. But overall, in the future, if you want to give people another try, I highly suggest using an alt. :) Anyway, I know you will be able to find happiness either way. :)
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  10. Sorry to see you go Bro! You will be greatly missed.
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  11. I'd vote for u if u like to stop u goin derelict so u can propaly have a break
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  12. I understand sometimes we just need a break from things.

    I will also add that players posting here need to be nice or say nothing at all.

    If you have bad history can I suggest you Don,t post.

    Especially if you have previously had fallings out with bro.

    Anyone one trying to create drama from this will be dealt with.
  13. Never really spoke to you, but you were one of those players which were active and helpful.

    Its a shame there are some players who are just here to troll and make things like this happen :(
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  14. awhh man, sad to see you go, we only just got to know eachother too. hope we can still play pokemon together and stuff sometimes :D
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  15. well i have spoken to you but it's just SAD:(ive only been here for 3 months
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  16. Sorry to see you go Bro, have a good one!
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  17. YES!! Why won't people listen!?!? :mad:
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