Lakeside Outpost SMP7 has a website!

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  1. Hello fellow EMC players.
    As many people know, I am the owner/founder/mayor of EMC's largest active outpost, Lakeside, over on smp7. Lakeside has grown so much in the past months, city officials have decided to create a website for our city. It acts as a forum of sorts, with information that players should know about our city!
    Check it out!
    We hope that everyone has fun with the website, and enjoys the hard work I put into it. Who knew a 14 year old like myself could create a website in less than 2 days? :D
    DISCLAIMER: Lakeside is NOT officially established by the Empire.
  2. Should really check out the website! It looks amazing and the outpost members have put a lot of work into it!
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  3. May I ask why it's not established? You should really try to pursue that, especially given the rumors of upcoming features.
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  4. I've tried. It's too close to protected outpost :confused: I'm trying to see if the policy can be changed, but its a process lol
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  5. Council members gave suggestions on what to put on there, and I made the website. I think it turned out okay though :D
  6. wel done chirs
    i love the website :D
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  7. If this is an EMC outpost then yeah, I think you're out of luck. BUT if this is another established outpost then you got some options left by asking the other outpost for their approval.

    And yes: I agree with Allicanto up there: nice work on the website!
  8. Well, outposts have to be at least 5,000 blocks from an EMC spawn outpost. Mine is like 3,000 away. I just want it changed because Lakeside is still really far from anything. To get to Lakeside from smp7 Wild N, you have to go east across the ocean, through a taiga, and half way through a desert. It's not like we're on top of the spawn, I just think 5k blocks is a little far for a policy like this. I frankly don't see where it matters.
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  9. Fair comment, but I can see the reason here: those thresholds exist because of potential expansion. You maybe 3k out now, what happens if your members start to go crazy (in a good way!) and expand your outpost towards the EMC outpost? Then 3k could easily become 2k or even less.

    And that would only hurt you. Because the surroundings of an outpost isn't very safe where griefing goes (unfortunately). But there's more: the direct surroundings of an outpost (see yellow square on the live maps) are also open to possible automated (but clearly announced!) resets.

    So basically the closer you get to an outpost the more risk you take. That is why those thresholds exist: to make sure that there's proper room for that expansion to happen (between outposts) and to reduce the risk of griefing and such (between outpost & Empire Outpost).

    Note: My comment up here is my opinion on the whole thing. These are not official reasons as expressed by EMC (at least not to my knowledge).
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  10. True, but what about that ocean? Once we hit the ocean, we can't go any farther; so there's a limit to how far we could actually go in terms of ability.
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  11. Why wouldn't you? ;)

    For example, an ocean didn't stop some of my friends and me to build a bridge (not going to show pictures in my post because I feel that would be unfair towards your outpost). And if we can build a bridge, why couldn't you simply build a platform and then something on top of that? Optionally even removing said platform afterwards.

    An ocean really doesn't have to stop your expansion.

    I think it's admirable (seriously) that you feel it is because you obviously want to preserve the look of the lands around you. I really think it does your outpost credit. But just because you feel that way doesn't mean everyone does. And the rules have to keep all players in mind.
  12. I still would think its worth trying to change the policy though. Lakeside is honestly just too big not to be protected, and like I said; we may not be 5,000 blocks out, but the journey to Lakeside is no short one (assuming you don't take the nether rails, of course! :D )
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