LAGGG! Fix the PvP Arenas

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Do you lag when visiting the new arenas?

I lag a lot. 4 vote(s) 30.8%
I lag a little. 3 vote(s) 23.1%
I do not lag. 5 vote(s) 38.5%
I do not know. 1 vote(s) 7.7%
  1. The new PvP Arenas: More variety. More maps. Better gameplay. Non-broken fair arenas. And more lag. The new arenas are the definition of a lag machine. With all 16 of the new arenas stacked in a 124x124 space, it's a lot of entities in the same place.

    The new arenas give me a quarter of my usual fps. I normally average 80 while PvPing. Ever since the arenas were replaced, I have averaged 20, sometimes lower. In order to get a respectable fps, I have to set my render distance at two. And I have a pretty good computer.

    Now it's not just me that's having this problem. I have talked to countless people who are reporting fps problems with the new arenas; some have even called PvP "unplayable." The simplest solution? Fewer arenas.

    While diversity is generally a nice thing, 16 arenas is way to much. Four normal arenas is plenty. Most of the time, there is only one active arena. (Usually that's the Blue arena.) While giving players more options regarding arenas might seem like a great idea, it's really not.

    EMC doesn't have a large PvP community as it is. Splitting that community into four arenas is fine; give people some options. But 12? That's overkill. One good thing about having all of the arenas next to each other was that it was easy to spot where the action was taking place. Now, to have two additional levels to run up? That'll get annoying after a while. Sure you could ask "what arena are you guys in?" but very few people actually respond to that.

    So, a possible solution would be to revert back to the normal arenas and place the new arenas on the Games server. The lag from surrounding residences would be removed and players could (possibly) get better frames. I know a lot of hard work went into this arena, and I would not like to see it gone; there are many better options, though.

    Poof brought up an interesting idea earlier tonight. Every month or so, cycle the arenas. It'll give the current arenas more use (as everyone seems to be sticking with Blue... still...) and mean less lag.

    While I do like the new arenas, don't get me wrong, the insane amount of lag counteracts any benefit of adding more arenas. I'm not sure exactly what's causing the lag; maybe it's one thing in particular, maybe it's all of the arenas put together. But I am sure of one thing: it has to go.

    Maybe my opinion will change as time passes if the lag is somehow reduced. However, one thing in particular I'm worried about: Staff vs World. The event is laggy enough as it is with all the people there, and adding on the fps-crushing lag of the new arenas - people will constantly be complaining of lag.
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  2. Maybe a fix for this, so it doesn't ruin what took so long to setup; Add an additional arena at the very bottom of the res completely boxed in. This will cut off all light updates and reduce huge amounts of lag that people might have. Plus it should be low enough to not render the stuff above?

    Just ideas, would be sad to see all the hard work taken away, should be a last resort.
  3. Or split the arenas up on different SMPs, could take a bit more work but it could be done.
  4. That wouldn't be such a good idea because of how small a PvP community EMC has. Splitting, say, 5 online PvPers into 3 servers would just be bad. You'd have pretty much nobody to PvP with.
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  5. Maybe spreading the arenas out would attract more attention from players from other SMPs that don't usually visit SMP6.
  6. That's true; players would be more inclined to PvP if it was convenient for them. However, I still think the split community outweighs possible new PvPers.
  7. +1 I experience large amounts of lag whenever I pvp at the new arenas. I agree that there needs to be less arenas or they should be separated on different smps or residences.
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  8. It wouldnt be very fun /vault-ing my gear around...
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  9. I don't like PvP personally, but I don't like lag even more :D +1

    My first time on there was Staff vs World. The lag was much with old arena's. Is there not a games server (maybe I misheard this) would that not be perfect place for this?

    And this is in NO WAY meant to discredit the absolute amazing work that was recently done with those areans.
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  10. Maybe have them split into four groups but on the same SMP. Example /v pvp 1(set 1) or /v pvp fair(fair arenas)
    And have the floors all with their own res spread across town.
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  11. 10/10
  12. The pvp arenas look awesome! Although, it looks good, I think there's too many arenas. When you actually try to pvp normally, there's so many arenas, you don't know where the players are. If Staff vs the world was held, there would be only about 4-7 staff in a selection of 12 arenas, it would be hard to find staff also.
  13. I don't even want to imagine Staff vs World combined with that lag machine.
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  14. It can be the chickens and squids that are in the arenas too...

    But penguin you have a point and poof is very bright of adding a circliation of arenas. 1+
  15. Its nothing to do with entities because there aren't that many, but I suspect it may be the glass. Coloring glass is really laggy (thats why it took them so long to add it to the game). I'll ping krysyy to see about changing it to plain glass instead of colored.
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  16. But it's so pretty :(
  17. Also boxing in the arenas so the res's around it aren't visible for ALL of them may help. Right now the client can determine it can see the res's around it, so it will render them.

    If we make solid walls, while it doesn't look as "pretty", it will help as the game knows it cant see the neighboring res's and wont render them.
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  18. Search torhans clear glass mod, works like a charm for me :D