KSP (Kerbal Space Program)

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  1. Who has heard of Kerbal Space Program, or KSP?

    Well, it is a fun rocket physics game in which you build a rocket to launch spacemen to the Mün (their version of the Moon). It is very fun with endless possibilities. Try it for yourself. There is a free demo version online at https://kerbalspaceprogram.com/. There is also a paid version which has many more features and parts for spaceships.
  2. I've got a few ships and satellites orbiting Kerbal already and always look forward to adding more. I definitely recommend spending the few $$ to get the paid version as it has so many more parts and a career gamemode which is currently in development. :)
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  3. i have the full version, and have had it since spring:).
  4. I think I saw this game on Steam.
    I swear...that trailer...:D