Krysyy's IRL Build Project Rap XD

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  1. Update August 17th

    Forgot to take pics due to the rain, but we have an actual roof in place. Metal installed over the course of Saturday and Sunday. Sunday it was raining, but we were determined to get it done and I'm glad we did. We took it nice and slow with a safety strap for the guy on the roof and lots of care taken not to slip. We picked up some windows to frame this next weekend and hope to have doors in place along with them.

    Still no electricity. City promised 3-6 weeks and we're at week 4 so hopefully soon. We definitely could have used some fans on Saturday.
  2. Update August 23rd: Saturday, dad delivered everything for insulating to the house and between then and Sunday when I went out there, someone decided to go straight at a dead end...

    No pics of the inside because I forgot and it's an ongoing project of insulation this weekend. The boyfriend and a friend are continuing the fun adventure Monday and Tuesday morning, and he promised me pics after.

    The GOOD news: the electricity company called and said the original crew came down with covid, so that is why there was a delay. Another crew chief called and said his team was good to go and he would take care of it by Thursday due to the delay we've had.
  3. As promised, the boyfriend sent a pic of today's progress. It's a slow process, but an important one.
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  4. Nice job there. :+1:

    Building a house for your self has been something I have dreamed about (not for the fact, that I have a carpenter education :p ). But, maybe in the future, how knows...

    Waiting that to happen, we're going to take a look a summer cottage place next Friday ( Sep 3rd ), in the eastern Finland, about 50km from the east border and see if we rent a plot for a cottage next to a river. :cool:
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  5. Labor day weekend update! September 6th

    After a grueling 3 days of work over the holiday weekend, we have some big progress to show for it thanks to the electricity.

    Interior walls are framed. The ending piece of the building is up. 2 doors are in.
    We covered the windows up top because they are delayed in ordering for a few weeks, but no biggie. Being able to say things like 'put that in the bathroom', etc makes it all feel more real.

    I put electric plugs and light switch boxes where I want them and we'll wire them this next Saturday, along with a stronger A/C. The little one we had running for us just didn't cut it in the 104 F heat.

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  6. Update: September 11th

    We have light! Installed the office windows. Adding two of these in the living room later as well. Made a mock up of the kitchen layout, and still not sure how that area is going to work, but we'll figure it out.

    On the other side of the building, my bf and I wired the bedroom, bathroom, and laundry room. My new boss approved taking off half days for the next few Mondays, so we're heading out there to wire the office, living room, and kitchen Monday afternoon.

    The Never-ending To Do List:
    -living room windows
    -Back door
    -Big A/C Unit
    -build closet walls (2)
    -reinsulate where dad removed my insulation to install the windows
    -insulate the loft
    -build loft walls
    -install kitchen cabinets
    -build kitchen island
    -put siding on interior walls
    -put in flooring
    -build a step for the front door/new porch addition
    -get a mailbox up
    -clear to the barn
    -clear out the barn
    -gravel the driveway
    -rent a bobcat to clear some land
  7. Show us the outside with the windows. :)
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  8. Forgot that pic lol.

    Today all we did was the other half of electric so no new photos there either. Just got home.
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  9. Google search: kitchen triangle!! Use that as base for your layout and you cannot go wrong.

    Before we had a straight cabinet lineup in our kitchen: sink, stove, small counter space and the fridge on same wall. After moving the fridge to the opposite side to the stove, we gained more counter space next to stove and wayyy better workflow in the kitchen now that the fridge is on the other side of the room.

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  10. Haha, yes I have seen this and we used it =)
    It's more of a square footage limitation and trying to have the kitchen also be dining with a fliptop edge of the island.
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  11. Update: September 20th

    Another weekend of work, Saturday and half a day Monday.

    We put up our first WALL! The interior wall for the AC mount is up so that is exciting!
    Aside from that, we installed another window, a back door, and we built out the rest of the attic space.

    Last, but certainly not least, we have a mailbox!!! The bf was determined and in the nearly 100F heat, we persevered with the post-hole digger through the dry hard ground until we could install our post. Isn't she a beauty?

    Dad says it will start moving really quickly. I'm starting to see how fast the interior could really come together considering my bro is being enlisted to leave the twins for a day and help his little sis.

    Great news: the windows that were on backorder were found on marketplace so not only do we get them immediately, but they were also cheaper! *happy dance*

    Added dog pic for fun because he was being oh so handsome and it's really all for the pups anyways, lol.

  12. doggo doesn't look too pleased of the photo op? but still cute
  13. That's his "you have something and I want it" face, specifically in this case a piece of honeydew melon.
  14. Your house looks great!

    Your dog is very cute and has a serious guard dog expression.

    Is that pixelized pattern on the mailbox to keep the address number secure or is it really on the box?
  15. Thank you.
    Hd is probably the furthest thing from a guard dog. Pet him and he's happy.
  16. Absolutely love watching this progress! Being in construction I can follow this well. Great job and progress!! Love the color of your dog, his hair is awesome :)

    Keep up the great work! and before long you'll have a living space. I was gonna say settled in but knowing how crazy moving in and decorating gets it's anything but settled lol.

    I am always so happy for new home owners!!!

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  17. I agree Merek! This is all coming together really nice! The hard work will pay off in the end. #Krysyy'sNewDen
  18. Update: October 2nd

    Took a week off to go to Tennessee on a trip we have been planning since April.
    Vacation means we came back and worked twice as hard to make up for it.

    We have a bedroom closet in place. We have about half of the inside walls covered.
    We dug a trench for the electric cords. We dug up our sewage tank and determined what we need to do to repair it or replace it. Cabinets in the bedroom are for the kitchen later on =)

    Next up: finish the interior siding, hook up the A/C officially, plumbing, and the long windows on the front.

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  19. What are you using to cover the walls? Is that textured plywood? It looks really nice.
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  20. It’s actually the same thing as the outside of the house, plywood with one sided grooves texture. My dad has the same thing in his downstairs area. Very forgiving for uneven walls unlike standard sheet rock.
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