!Kitten Cafe!

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  1. I have been working on a cafe at my res! It is finally done and ready for public! But....i will be opening it later since i have been busy working on some builds on my res! So far i only have 1 staff member not including me ( im owner )! If you would like to become a staff/waiter there then send me a book with your name and why you want to be a waiter/staff! If you are accepted i will notify you! I hope you like the cafe, also i have a promo shop that i built which will be open to ;)

    Opening/When: Sunday March 2th 2016 at 1:00pm ( ill announce everytime its open, that u can come )
    Where: /v Little_Pixel_Pig
    Why: To Have Fun and Eat Yummy Foodys!
  2. UPDATE:

    The Kitten Café was closed due to low turnout! Don't Worry Though, I have opened up a new place for food, Kat's Sandwhich Shack! Here you can get all sorts of sandwhichs, Check out the forum post on that!