keep getting bumped off servers

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  1. 4th time this morning that I've been bumped off the servers. Eventually can get back for a few mins but then just get bumped again. Message tells me that 'server closed'
  2. I'm getting the same thing, also couldn't connect to some servers earlier, getting "end of stream" errors. It's not just you.

    I've messaged Aikar on IRC, probably going to have to wait until he or Max wakes up though. :/

    *EDIT* Justin is working on it. :)
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  3. I got bumped and now getting the End of stream message when connecting to smp1
  4. What, Aikar can't fix the servers whilst asleep???
  5. Sorry, we have been having some network issues, I am up working on them :)
  6. Hmm so that what was happening to me few hours ago. I kept getting bumped off but thought it was my Internet doing. Well best luck of solving the problem JustinGuy.
  7. Oh ok, good to know it's already been noticed. I just tried to log in SMP7 and got the initial message with the code to join EMC xD

    Sorry peeps, this is all my fault for bringing Herobrine back to the forums, hope you can kick him out soon.
  8. something auto updated when i logged in so it might be that, but all ive been getting is it took too long to join and then it disconnects
  9. Gah, server closed. I just pushed the button to release water to harvest my farm – awesome!
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  10. Sorry all, trying to figure out what's up.
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  11. Sweet Jubus O.O ....

    But thanks. :)
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  12. Ahh, you are another water dispenser harvester xD Don't worry, I'm sure they'll still be there, it won't take long.
  13. Tnx Justin I guess not much sleep for you tonight then, Must be those dilithium crystals captain they just can't take it. :D
  14. It appears to have been a network issue that was in turn causing database deadlocks. I restarted the entire EMC platform and everything seems to be running fine. I will dig deeper into the exact cause tomorrow with Aikar when I am not so tired ;). I have alerts setup and will keep an ear on my phone for whats left of the night :) thanks for the patience everyone.
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