Katalyst Nova Luxury Living

Discussion in 'Establishment Requests Pending' started by KatalystPrime, Aug 11, 2016.

  1. Hello, I am requesting a claim for KATALYSTPRIME URBAN RESIDENCE
    It is a private residence [sorry for any one looking to be recruited!]
    it is on SMP6
    it is owned by KatalystPrime
    It is in a savanna
    It is currently blank, it is a pre-claim to make sure everything goes smoothly
    Also, can you add "burkans12" , "MDViper" , "TheBond0087" to the allowed list?

    -Kat Prime
  2. So you want someone to claim a residence just so you can have it? Or am I missing the point here?

    Also, this thread is in the wrong section.
  3. When requesting a Frontier Outpost be Established, you'll need to create a locked chest at the center of your claim. When you have done so, please PM me with the coordinates (no need to expose them in the thread) and I'll investigate the area to make sure there aren't any player builds within 3K, and that it's at least 5K away from a Protected Spawn Zone.