Just thinking why is there no stone under a res recorces ok but stone?

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  1. The whole res is covert in dirt so what you cant sell it in the shop and if you dont give it away for free you can't sell it yourself.
    you can use it yourself but you have to like to build with dirt so it makes me think why is ther no stone under a res?
  2. read the empire guide, it talks about the dirt under your res. and if justin put stone/ores under your res, you wouldnt need to go to the wild for materials, same with the shop being so expensive, if it was cheap, everyone would stay in town
  3. only stone and dirt you still need the ores and if you just wait you can buy stuff
  4. Stone is vastly more useful than dirt tho, so even just handing you that is something.
  5. If there was stone under residences, it would be much more difficult to hollow the area out if someone so chooses to do so. This is why your residence is not filled with stone, it just makes digging easier.
  6. there is a dimont pickaxe for sale and it looks nicer
    now if you want to make a underground bunker builded with stone you have to go to the wilderness mine some stone(cobblestone)melting it and then place it somwere you like
    i think it would be easyer to have stone under your res
    it doesnt mater how deep

    this is my opinion ;)
  7. I think the whole point is that it is NOT easy. The idea is to have as close to a vanilla survival experience as possible. So they provide a blank canvas (your dirt plot) to build whatever you want - assuming you can survive long enough to get those materials first of course :)
  8. i was only thinking but i think your right