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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Marine4121, Sep 19, 2013.

  1. So, in one of the public farms in smp4 i used it to get some wheat and replanted the seeds, and Dicided to leave a little gift in one of his already empty chests wich was, a music disc wood arrows and bones and was just wondering if 1. If thats allowed and 2. I left a sign there saying i left a gift and wondering if thats a form of greifing.
  2. leaving things is never disallowed, disturbing things is what you have to worry about
  3. Alright thanks :)
  4. Of course there's nothing wrong with giving something to someone other, but the problem is that there's a big chance someone else will take the items that you left, cause you never know who will open the chest.
  5. whats the address I kinda need a farm to use :p
  6. It's just outside of the spawn smp4 central frontear just follow the bedrock path, don't forget to replant
  7. Of course this is allowed :) just dont break or steal things without permission.