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  1. Dear EMC community, I'm writing this as both an apology, but also as a sort of bye. I won't be quite as active in the community, my chat will most likely be turned off in-game, and possibly result in me leaving. Now, for the main reason I made this thread, the apology. I know I've been a serious jerk, and have some serious over reactions. I've been overly aggressive on more than one occasion, and I just want you guys to know that I don't mean to do it, I get angry and my emotions go crazy. I've been extremely rude, and I'm sorry. Anything I've said to you that's been rude, I probably didn't mean them, and I hope you didn't take any serious offense to them. I really do like the community, and I hate to be the one to ruin it for some of you. Most of you are so nice, you've all been so helpful, friendly, and all around awesome, but I've been the complete opposite. But as I said, I won't be as active with talking on forums and chat. I hope you guys can take this apology and look passed all the crap I've done. Thanks guys

  2. We've all done some messed up crap in the past, so you are not alone in this world of apologies. :) I as well am a victim of many apologies that I should have made long ago.
  3. It is nice to see you reaching out and trying to make peace with anyone you may have hurt. It takes a bit of courage to do so. Hopefully everyone can heal from this point on, you can play more, and we all just have a better and better time here on EMC.
    Peace and Love for Everyone,
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  4. That. So much. It's nice to see a less combative side to Seanawesome. I personally have no quarrel with you, (even though I believe I ended up on your ignore list :p) You can meet so many great people here if you just give them a chance.
  5. Problem here is that there are plenty of people who will form their opinion on someone and then more or less stick to it.

    You've been obnoxious in the past? Then you're most likely going to stay that way and everything you say from there on should be treated as hostility.

    You've been extremely helpful and friendly in the overall? Then there's no way you can do something bad and anyone who claims otherwise obviously doesn't know what he's talking about.

    Yet that's not how this works.

    Anyway, I for one am honestly sorry to see you "go". I know you and some other people had words and didn't particularly like each other, but to be honest I never perceived you as obnoxious or disrespectful or such. Sure, I was a bit disappointed when you didn't wish to follow up on "that private discussion" I tried to set up some time ago. But meh... I could very well understand that you didn't feel like dragging the whole thing up again, and as such I never picked up your move to depart as being respectful or rude. Quite the opposite to be honest because you made it no secret, not for anyone, that you weren't interested. I may not have liked it, but it was your opinion on the matter and people should learn to respect that.

    Meant in general, not specifically directed against you Sean: If you feel strong about respecting other people and their opinions then please get it through your thick skulls that those words go both ways: not everyone has to agree with you. Respecting other people's opinion means that you'll respect it when they agree with you, but also when they disagree with you. And that's where a lot of people go wrong. In my opinion of course (no pun intended).

    Sean... I really hope you'll use this time to focus on yourself a bit more, have fun and just forget all about the past. I think it's about time that you and some others do exactly that.

    And if you ever feel the need to talk or chat... Yo! :p
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  6. meh, just be you. haters gonna hate ainters gonna aint
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  7. This was a nice gesture. I think we've all had our touchy moments at times. I know we've battled a time or 2 and hopefully we can wipe the slate clean. Hopefully you will know that any comments I've made about your suggestions was not made to shoot you down simply because it's you. Suggestions will always have criticism. It's just the nature of it. Not everyone will agree with a suggestion. Believe me, rejection is not easy to take and sometime a reply to it can appear hostile when not intended.

    Good luck to you if you do end up leaving :)
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  8. The first step is realising your weaknesses. It takes courage to apologise, well done. :)
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  9. I want to hug you! kinda, kinda not. More so now though :p To be honest though(I know you aren't that old... uh, I think) if I met myself when I was 18 right now, i would probably punch me in the face.
  10. Oh and (since you already saw that so editing it might not get your attention I'm going with the double post) talking less won't prove your sincerity about the issues here and your leaving definitely won't. stay and share your new outlook with us. Could definitely be a breathe of fresh air :p
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  11. It takes courage to stand up and apologize, the next step is to prove you mean it. I am sad to see you leave and I wish you luck in your future endeavors.
  12. Whoops! Looks like a post grew legs and ran away... :confused:

    Receiving forgiveness from a community isn't easy. An apology is a step in the right direction, and a good one; the more important thing, though, is proving that you mean it.
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  13. Holding grudges is too much work.
    It takes a mature person to realize what they have done and how it effects others, and it is good that you have realized your mistake and write an apology.
  14. I'll be that guy who uses really cliche quotes

    "It's not about if you fail or not, it's about how you deal with it when you do"

    I think apologizing was really amazing and just want you to know that you have a completely clean slate with me. :)