Joule: A Voltian Outpost SMP9

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  1. Hi Everyone,
    I would like to introduce Joule. This is a Voltian outpost in SMP9 which means it is a territory of the Voltian Government. However, we exist as a state so we may do some things on our own. We are a laid back community looking to be friends and have a good time mining and building. Contact me in game or PM me at anytime for info on getting there. This is a well established community with a lot of buildings already built and plots ready to develop. We are in close proximity to other wild communitities (Wrem, Volt, Estona, Terra, StoneGuard, Neorepopolis, and we are only two minutes from town by way of nether rail!!)

    Please fill this out if you are interested and put your answers in the post!

    Reason For Joining:
    How active will you be?:
    Have u been banned?:
    If so, why?:

    The following jobs need to be filled ASAP

    Miners (pm me)
    Builders (pm me)
    Engineers (pm me)
    Strategizers (i will pick :))

    Maps are Below :D

    So if you are looking to have fun in a nice wilderness community, come join!
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  2. Bigtime bump :) Come have fun
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  3. Bump!
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  4. Welcome to the smp9 wilderness! hope your outpost does well. ;)
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  5. thank you :)
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  6. bump :D architects; we need especially!!
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  7. Maps are now posted in first post! If you are in a nearby nation and have a problem with a land claim, please contact me thru PM. :D
    EDIT: New application form also in first post :)
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