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  1. Is it possible to get jobs or a shop we can actully sell things too?


    We can make money on how long we do it or somthing like some other servers had!

    Maybe a shop we can sell things to because there aren't any.
    Or maybe a place like Residents place that we can build a shop on and people can go look or somthing.

    So far there are only 2 ways that you can actully make money on besides the other shops which we have no clue who's selling. Which are, Voting which is limited daily and Supporting/donating.... Alot of us dont have much money.

    Just a suggestion .-. please think about it/respond.
  2. The best way to get money ( that I have found) is to sell too big shops, shops like this exsist on almost ever server and also help the shop owner. If you really want rupees one of the best things you can do is set up a mineral shop.
  3. You can sell things, very easily in fact. I don't know if you did the tutorial or not, but in the Empire Wiki (here) you can find instructions for how to set up a sign above a chest so that people can buy items from you. Chopping trees and selling the wood in a shop is a great way to start making money. Also, nearly every smp has mega-malls, huge shops that not only sell products, but also allow you to sell to them. Taking materials and going to these shops, many of which can be found with /v +shop or just asking around, is also a great way to produce income. Most of the people here with large rupee balances made their income not from voting or supporter ship, but from hard work and selling things. Good luck and welcome to the Empire :)
  4. Are you asking for a server/admin shop that will buy infinite amounts of products?
    If so, that is a very bad idea. It can ruin the economy, because people find ways to mass produce and too much money enters 'circulation'. As it is, there is too much money in the economy now, people struggling to find ways to use their money.

    Otherwise, there are many many player run shops that will buy your stuff, like wood. If you can't find one on your own server by asking or using "/v +shop", then you can jump to another server with your products in your "/vault", and find a store on another server.

    Or the best option is to make your own shop on your res to sell the stuff to people. And advertise your shop on forums and in chat whenever someone needs what you sell.

    There are people on the forums here looking for people to do mining, wood cutting, etc jobs, and will pay you for it. Check this forum:
    Products, Businesses & Services
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  5. You can also pay attention to the larger smp chats and there sometimes players asking for help, sometimes for rupees some for free
  6. Normally mega malls are the best to sell to. They normally have a large budget and cheap prices (Not all have cheap prices, when I make my malls I do as cheap as I can)
  7. try this:
    /server smp6
    /v +mm
    look around, right-click a chest-shop sign to sell
    (You might need to move away from the sign or click "with empty hand" while not holding an item.)

    also on smp6: /v +color

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