Jennypoo10 and Tshack's adventure to THE END :D

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Jennypoo10, Dec 11, 2011.

  1. Me and Tshack found "The End" thanks to Stormdogy117. We found this strange pumpkin snowman thing so... here it is lol :) What is it?

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  2. It is called a Snow Golem. These are the game's first "utility mobs," Notch defines this as an any player-created mob. They are by nature friendly to their creator btw. You can create them by placing two snow blocks vertically on top of each other, and then finally a pumpkin on top :)

    Hope this helps you :)

  3. wait, the portal is up and running?? if so,please make a path ther with cobble
  4. In rare occasions endermen can in fact make them.

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  5. guys, im sorry, but we cant take anyone there or the price for end stone, ender pearls, and obsidian will fall severely.
  6. since you are in the council, i may take you
  7. hey jenny, i forgot where the portal is, wanna go later? im gonna take screenshots to remember where to go.
  8. Anybody could find a stronghold. I found one once, in SMP1, but it was totally ravaged. The portal room was nowhere to be found, and there were silverfish there that managed to kill me really fast.
  9. I think that you should share your discovery with the rest off the players and not be worried about the money because you guys sell them for like 50 to 75 rupees a block which isn't fair.
  10. i was gonna sell endstone for about 30-50 a stack, and if i show the rest of the players, the value of end stone is gonna drop alot
  11. Well, I would put it at 30 because non supporters don't get a lot per day. Other than that I'm fine with it.
  12. ok, ill set it to 30 a stack, at least i get a profit
  13. Thank you kind sir. :D
  14. ill start selling it later
  15. Haha, I have never seen a monopoly toppled so easily :p
  16. What do you mean Sanitymops?
  17. jennypoo10, wanna go to the end?
  18. Tshack i want to say something.....a long time ago my bro and i went to the end. I shall not reveal the location
  19. i have already been there oidgod, i am waiting for jennypoo10 to get online so we can go to the end