Jailbreak 2 Discussion Thread

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  1. This is for the people who participated in the first Jailbreak and want to share what they think I can do to improve it, or fix in it.
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  2. Maybe a diffrent map
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  3. More organized and longer. Also, give the prisoners something to fight back with.
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  4. Yes, this will certainly happen.
    Longer, yes. Fight back? Um no unless an outside gets you something.
  5. I read the first thread and it sounded awesome, unfortunately i couldn't join because I was busy. I'd love to participate in a second one though :)
  6. There is going to be a lot more planning and organization in the second, plus we are going to need a few more people than last time.
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  7. Well count me in :p
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  8. Signups aren't up yet as there is no date. But your enthusiasm is noted. :D
  9. Make the task for Outside Contacts more clear. I just completely disregarded my partner because they didn't know what to do.
  10. That will be a major part of the organization for this new one.
  11. I knew that you were going to making him escape
  12. You were a guard, were you not?
  13. Well of course. You just couldn't kill me until I was in the act. This is basically a Roleplaying event.
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  14. OH MY GOD I AM SO STUPID. People probably wouldn't have been confused if I sad "this is an RP event"
  15. Let me fix that for you.
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  16. I would give batons to the guards (sticks with knockback 10). You'll need a mod like TMI to do this, but it would be cool.

    Also, a smaller map would be nice.

    Please, next time, make sure everyone is white-listed before the game starts.
  17. I like the baton idea! However I whitelist people RIGHT AT THE START so no one gets on before it is time. Yes, a smaller map will be used next time. And we will probably build a wall around the town so people know what the limits are.
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  18. when do you think the next one will happen?
  19. If I am here this weekend, and a Staff is available then this weekend perhaps.
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  20. Could you have a supply of levers for the guards? Prisoners were breaking them off.
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