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  1. I waited 500ish days to say hi to all of you so here it is.

    As some of you may know I'm bitemenow15, not to be confused with bitemenowI5 who is a murderous rogue! I absolutely love animation by Pendleton Ward and am pretty much the coolest coconut around the island of men. If you have never met me you should, I'm usually on smp6, stop by and say hi! I'll have a sarcastic quip ready for each and every one of you! If you have seen me around on forums you will know that I tend to ramble about and mostly misspell or mis-grammar everything ever. This might surprise you but it turns out I'm a writer. what most people don't know is writers in general are just storytellers we have editors for the fine points. This is gonna be an AMA ask me as many questions as you can think of in 48 seconds and ill try and answer em all. the ama will lead to a 20k giveaway from based off your post numbers n stuffs so only post in here once please or ill have to beat you with a shoe!

    also a camel is just a sand moose
  2. How did you get into writing and do you have any published works ?
  3. Congrats to 500 days :D :D :D :D :D :D

    What's meaning of life?
    How did you find Emc?
    Adventurer Time best show?
    Deer or Bird hunting?
    How much water is in the Pacific Ocean?
    How big is Universe?
    What's 1+1+1+1+1+1x0+1= ?
    What's the other meaning of life?
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  4. *Lel at the Camel Reference to Tayla*

    Wot dingus are you? c:
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  5. i got into writing when i was a kid and would watch old cartoons like scooby doo, i found i was able to mostly predict the outcomes of the shows or give a synopsis of what i think should/will happen the next episode. i have some minor works in magazines but thats mostly just for making money
    the meaning of life is to never be forgotten.
    i found emc by googling minecraft server.
    obviously, its complexity and artwork is really fantastic if you pay attention. i always tell people getting into it to watch every season twice to make sure they pick up on the subtle thing that you will see later.
    when i was in the marines i read about this style of hunting where people would hide over deer paths in trees with a knife and wait for one to walk under them, then jump down like batman and take them. that is the clear victor.
    enough to warrant a b-a movie like pacific rim.
    as large as you can think squared.
    definitely a number.
    did you forget the first one?
    the triple bypass grand deluxe form.
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  6. what does ama mean
  7. it means ask me anything, you used up your question time tho lol
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  8. Where is that post-apocalyptic story you told me about? >.>
    What is your favourite colour and why?
    Which one of the Adventure Time princesses is your favourite? :3
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  9. AGGGH i keep forgetting to copy it (or write the other chapters :S
    fave colour is blue cause it represents water and i am fascinated by it.
    flame princess is my favorite (rant incoming) she embodies the perfect symbol of love to me where sometimes to get close it hurts a little. also pb is evil and i know what you are thinking nooo wayyy she is the good princess but have you seen some of the stuff she is doing on the sidlines in the stories?! first off she constructed the city she rules as a dictatorship with slave labour, secondly she routinely murders or experiments on her subjects when they dont fit her needs anymore, she has performed behavior modification on more then one person that we have seen, and her number one advisor not only communicated with dark forces but is noted to be the fourth evilest person in oob. i can go on but ugggh i hate all the fanfiction about her and finn.
  10. Do I have to bite you now?
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  11. Agreed. Some of her cloning practices and occasions of sending her citizens off to die were evil as well >.>
    There are some really weird fanmade flameprincess and pb drawings on google images too >.>

    Btw I totally forgot to ask, but every time I see a Steve Roggenbuck video on youtube I think "If bitemenow recorded himself it would probably look like this. Maybe I should ask him to do a video." (because I like steve's random videos :3)
    So I guess the questions would be, if I can still ask more >.< :
    what do you think of steve roggenbuck's videos, do you consider yourself equally random and would you consider doing something like that? :p
  12. Why does your avatar look cool?
  13. What is your fav item in minecraft?
    What is your fav food?
    Are you in school?
  14. what is your favorite dinosaur?
  15. you know how they say an apple a day keeps the doctor away? a golden apple a day keeps the bite bugs away
    idk who that is but i get kind of nervous and bored on cam so depends on the topic and how much energy i have
    because im the coolest coconut duhhhh
    redstone blocks cause they so red and bloody
    taco bell...i thought....everyone knew that
    everyone is a student until the day they die but im still enrolled in school and pay for like 1 or 2 classes every semester or so
  16. Can you type your name with your eyes shut using your elbow?
    What are the true 3 primary colours?
    Are you colourblind?
    Try and pnounce my name correctly plox?
    List Pi to 555 decimal places.

    Congrats on 500ish days!
  17. the leopleuridon
    black white and purple
    ive never seen any evidence to suggest it

    pi....555 decimal places
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  18. your argument is invalid
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  19. If you were stranded on a desert island and could have three wishes (no wishes for anything that can get you off the island, however -- you are stuck there) what would they be?

    What is better than Nutella?

    Do you believe that there is intelligent life elsewhere in the universe, other than on Earth?

    Sony or Microsoft (or Nintendo)?

    Top/Favorite 5 MC friends?

    How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop?

    How cold does it need to be to not sweat?

    What kind of shoes do you wear? (want to see if the double post is worth it!)

    Thanks Bitemenow15, congrats on all those days, and thanks for spending some of that time with ye old HL54!
  20. What is your favorite memory on EMC?
    Who was your first friend on EMC?
    What is your favorite part about being a mod?
    Do you like modded minecraft/modpacks? If so, which one is your favorite?