it's finally time to say goodbye

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  1. I have felt like a ghost every time I log on after my unofficial extended hiatus.
    i couldn't think of anything else to say
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  2. Don't leave us :(
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  3. noo! D:
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  4. Oh, this is actually not a trolling action? Hm.
    Well, it could be nice if you came back in a few years.
  5. No! you can't do this! :(
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  6. I do not approve of this :(

    Well.. I somewhat do, if you're not happy around these parts then the worst you can do is try to force it on you. That won't work and will only make you more miserable.

    But I still reserve the right to not like this one single bit :(

    At the risk of but... You say you feel like a ghost, have you tried attending some events? Or have you tried to hop onto some others servers; feel free to look me up whenever I'm around too btw.

    I know where you're coming from. Sometimes I also sit in my residence and wonder what to do. Then I'll simply chatter a bit in town, and yeah.. Dunno, do some things. Including things I haven't done before. And this is just my 2 cents but never underestimate the fun you can have with helping other players. Not always, but often enough.

    Meh... Anyway, what 607 said above: here's hoping to see you pop up in the future. I for one will surely miss looking at your avatar from time to time :confused:
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  7. Though I don't know you, I do know that feeling. I try to help people who are in need when I have down time and don't want to interact, otherwise I head out for alone time. if you ever want to, you can come by res 755, if you ever come back.
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  8. You can't say you have quit EMC until you acutally do. You were last seen 2 days, 4 hours ago on smp8.
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