Is TNT Nerfed?

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  1. I have a small mountain I'm trying to level (30-40 blocks high & multiple chunks square). I tried using colums of TNT. The first (top) one goes off fine but the others won't chain react. Blows up the rock, leaving the TNT behind. It's a pain to set & light one at a time. Tried setting them side by side with same issue. Has TNT been Nerfed to reduce lag issues, or is there some other problem?
  2. Sadly, it is nerfed.
  3. Ok, well thx for the info.
  4. We might lift the chain reaction restriction. It was put in place to limit griefing, but now that the blocks able to be destroyed is limited i think its ok to make them chainable.
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  5. Does that mean this will work better?

    (Once its full)
  6. Thanks for the consideration Aikar!
  7. <watches decision get reversed asap>

    Thanks Sep, way to go! :D

    I really hope that we'll be able to chain react again. To be honest it's what I like best about "blast mining"; stacking a couple of TNT in a good position with a "delay" and then setting it off. You hear several booms, then nothing for a moment and wham! off we go again ;)

    How many times I warned players for that "wait, careful, more to come!" :p
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  8. Yeah, but the problem with that is, that if they aren't careful and die, they might report you for pvp.
    But you probably shouldn't set off tnt near players you don't know anyway.
  9. To have TNT chain react - man that would save my group so much time at our outpost.
    I mean we are glad and all to have usable dynamite (Most servers won't even let it be activated at a minimum), but it does come with it's toll of having to place and ignite every block. But like I said we're glad to have it at all so I'll keep the complaints to a minimum. :p
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  10. <Hoping I didn't accidentally ask to open Pandora's Box>